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We serve the whole of Orange County

We operate in the Orange County area and provide a top professional concrete cutting service.  If you are in need of concrete cutting in SoCal, contact Crown Cutting.

Concrete Cutting

Crown Concrete Cutting offers expert concrete cutting and coring services throughout Southern California. Crown Concrete Cutting brings all the necessary equipment and crew to your job site and ensures the site is left clean afterwards.

Concrete Drilling

Concrete coring is the process of drilling perfectly round holes through hard structures such as concrete walls. It’s the go to concrete drilling technique when a precise circular penetration is needed.

Wall Sawing

Wall sawing, also known as track sawing, is the most effective cutting solution for vertical or sloped surfaces made of concrete, reinforced concrete, stone, asphalt, or cinder block.

Concrete Grinding

Concrete diamond grinding is the process of using planetary equipment to grind a concrete surface in order to clean or smooth it out. We mount various diamond pads that are designed to achieve different results and finishes on your floor.

NDT Services & Technology

NDT (non-destructive testing) is done with a technique called GPR, which stands for “Ground Penetrating Radar”. GPR equipment transmits and receives electromagnetic waves into the ground subsurface or other material and detects interfaces between differing materials.

Hauling Concrete

A big part of construction debris hauling is the disposal of what we haul. Every member of our team is licensed and bonded, and cares about the work they do including where everything we haul winds up.